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Private Calling

With Phoner, you can make domestic and international calls with your new number right away. No new contracts or carriers. It all connects easily to your current mobile device.

Add a number instantly

Access anywhere

International & domestic calling

No commitments or contracts

Anonymous Texting

Forever avoid sharing your personal number as you're running your business, shopping online or going on dates. Send texts and photos to anyone in complete privacy.

Anonymous phone number

International texting

Send photos & videos

Fast speeds

Unlimited international phone numbers

Choose from a variety of virtual phone numbers, with unique area and country codes.

Custom area codes

Use your existing device

International calling & texting

Unlimited numbers

Call forwarding

Connect your 2nd number to any device, including your existing phone or desktop.

Mobile & desktop support

Built for business

Professional call routing

Use new or existing numbers

Call recording

Your new number allows you to easily record calls with anyone and then stores your recordings on your mobile device or computer.

Instant recording

Easily send & share

Content storage

Safe & secure