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Map showing Arizona area codes

Arizona Phone Numbers

Use cases for a Arizona second phone number include dating, buying and selling goods online, and small businesses. Arizona has 5 area codes that cover the entire state. The larger cities have several local area codes that cover the region, while the more dispersed regions of the state have fewer phone number area codes. Check out some stats about Arizona and how you can get a local number quickly and easily.

Arizona area codes are helpful for businesses looking to expand and grow across the state. You can use a local Arizona number to separate life and business - as you can keep your work conversations in one place and life conversations with friends in a separate place.

A local number is a different phone number that is specific to a region, county or city. Each temporary US phone number is distinguished by three digits that precede the actual phone number.

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What Arizona area code numbers are available?

Call and text people in Arizona with a local phone number. Below is a full summary of the local Arizona area codes:


This AZ area code covers the Maricopa and Pinal counties, as well as the metropolitan areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Mesa.


This area code covers the southern section of Arizona and includes Tucson, Tombstone, Willcox.


Covers the city limits of Phoenix (inside Maricopa county) and also includes parts of Glendale and Paradise Valley.


Covers west of the Phoenix city limits and include Goodyear, Avondale, Sun City.


Covers the northern and western sections of the state. Serves most of Arizona except Phoenix and Tucson. Major cities include Yuma, Flagstaff, Safford, and Lake Havasu City.

Use cases

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Buying + Selling

Avoid spam + clingy men / women by using Phoner to stay safe while dating. Give your Phoner number to matches from online dating sites while you chat. After you meet up, you can give them your real number once you verify that you want to text or call them.

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Get a work or business phone number. No more guessing who is calling or texting you - keep work separate from play. Get your personal time back, set up business hours and a second caller ID just for business clients.

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Online dating

If you’re selling on Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, stay safe by giving out a Phoner number for people to contact you through. You can delete and create different numbers for each time you sell so that buyers don’t spam you after the item is sold.

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Build a local presence

Using a local phone number strengthens your presence in a particular local area. Reaching out to your target audience or friends with this number increases the chances of them answering the call. Individuals are more inclined to pick up the phone when they perceive it's a local business calling. If they don't recognize the number, they might be hesitant to respond.

What are some of the most popular industries in Arizona?

Arizona's economy is diverse, with several industries playing significant roles in the state's success. Here are some of the most popular industries in Arizona:

  1. Aerospace and Defense: Arizona has a strong aerospace and defense sector. The state is home to major aerospace and defense companies, including Boeing, Raytheon, and Honeywell. It has significant military installations and research facilities, contributing to technological advancements in this industry.

  2. Technology: Arizona has a growing technology sector, particularly in cities like Phoenix and Tucson. The state is attracting tech startups, software development companies, IT services, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

  3. Manufacturing: Arizona has a robust manufacturing industry, spanning various sectors such as aerospace, electronics, automotive, and medical devices. The state's strategic location and transportation infrastructure make it an attractive destination for manufacturing companies.

  4. Healthcare and Biosciences: Arizona has a thriving healthcare industry, with renowned hospitals, medical research institutions, and bioscience companies. The state is a leader in precision medicine, genomics, medical device manufacturing, and healthcare services.

  5. Tourism and Hospitality: Arizona's natural wonders, national parks, and cultural attractions make tourism a major industry in the state. Visitors come to experience destinations like the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Scottsdale, contributing to the tourism and hospitality sector's growth.

  6. Renewable Energy: Arizona has significant potential for renewable energy sources, particularly solar power. The state has made strides in solar energy production and is home to large-scale solar projects and solar manufacturing facilities.

  7. Financial Services

  8. Construction and Real Estate

  9. Education and Research

  10. Mining

These industries contribute to Arizona's economic growth, innovation, and employment opportunities, making the state a hub of various sectors that shape its overall prosperity.

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Frequently asked questions about local numbers

How do I get a local Arizona phone number?

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Download Phoner here, select a ‘United States’ number followed by ‘Arizona’ as the state. Once you have chosen an area code you can choose a number of your choice. Once you have selected a number to make calls or send texts you can subscribe and enjoy a 3 day free trial.

Can you buy a local Arizona phone number?

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Yes you can. To purchase a number, download Phoner here, select a ‘United States’ number followed by ‘Arizona’ as the state. Once you have chosen an area code you can choose a number of your choice. Once you have selected a number to make calls or send texts you can subscribe and enjoy a 3 day free trial.

What are the Arizona local area codes?

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You can find the Arizona local area codes here

How many Arizona phone numbers can I have?

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Phoner allows you to have as many Arizona phone numbers as you want. You can keep as little as one Arizona local number, or as many as five or six if you like!

You can think of Phoner a "one device, many numbers". To add another Arizona number, simply tap on "Select new Phoner number", then choose "Arizona" from the list of US states, and pick a number in a local Arizona area code that you like. The number will be automatically added to your account for you to call and text from.

Can I port my existing Arizona number to Phoner?

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Yes, you can port your current phone number to Phoner. This simply means moving your existing phone number from your current provider and hosting it within the Phoner platform. We are working on an automated process, for now please email our support team so they can manually port your number.

What Arizona area code numbers are available?

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