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Alabama map showing location of area code 334 within the state

334 Phone Number





Major City:


The 334 area code is in Alabama, United States.

Area code 334 is in the Central time zone (UTC -6).

This area code covers Alabama's southeast corner, and serves Montgomery, Auburn, Opelika, Dothan.

Nearby counties:

Alabama's 334 area code serves portions of 32 counties. The largest counties include Montgomery, Lee, Houston, and Elmore Counties.

Other nearby area codes includes:

Area Code 229 - Albany

Area Code 251 - Mobile

Area Code 662 - Southaven

Area Code 770 - Roswell

Area Code 205/659 - Birmingham

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History of 334

Area Code

The Alabama area code 334 was put in service on January 15, 1995 providing more coverage to the state. 334 was the first prefix to be added to Alabama since the area code system was developed in 1947.

Things To Do Near

Area Code 334

There are many activities for locals + visitors to see and do in the 334 area code (Montgomery County).

Things to do in Montgomery, Alabama tend to includes Civil Rights Memorial Center, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, Rosa Parks Museum and much more.

Civil Rights Memorial Center

Located near the Southern Poverty Law Center, this memorial and center pay tribute to those who fought for civil rights. It features a powerful memorial designed by Maya Lin.

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Known as the church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor, this historic church played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement.

Rosa Parks Museum

This museum is located at the spot where Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat. It offers exhibits and multimedia displays about her courageous act and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Why do people sign up for a virtual 334 number with Phoner?

People sign up for 334 virtual US phone numbers for a number of reasons.

For business

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To give online dating matches a 2nd phone number until they’ve gone on a date and trust each other

To buy and sell goods

For Craigslist, Facebook, eBay purchases or sales so that people don’t have your personal information and don’t bother you after the sale or purchase has been made

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Frequently asked questions about local numbers

Can I buy a local 334 Alabama phone number?

Yes you can. To purchase a 334 number, download Phoner here, select a ‘United States’ number followed by ‘Alabama’ as the state. Once you have chosen an area code you can choose a number of your choice. Once you have selected a number to make calls or send texts you can subscribe and enjoy a 3 day free trial.

What are the other Alabama local area codes?

You can find the Alabama local area codes here.

Can I port my existing 334 number to Phoner?

Yes, you can port your 334 number to Phoner. We are working on an automated process, for now please email our support team so they can manually port your number.

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